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The Foresthill Bridge
June 17, 2009, 4:10 pm
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This morning I woke up at 4am. At around 9am I decided I wanted to take a drive. I took 50 East to Placerville and noticed a sign for Hwy 49 to Auburn and took that route.

So I’ve heard of the Foresthill Bridge, because it was in that movie xXx. Actually I saw that stupid movie. I had no idea it was visible from 49 and today it just poof! popped into view  while I was trying to navigate road work lane closures. I was absolutely mesmerized. I almost rear ended the Lumina in front of me twice. What is it about that bridge?

I went home and started researching. It’s the tallest bridge in California, standing 730 feet. Doesn’t sound like much but considering the Golden Gate is only 200 something feet off the Bay, you get the idea. Actually, imagine that all of the water underneath the GG vanished (maybe that will happen one day before a tsunami?). It would look really fucking tall. And that’s the Foresthill Bridge, all the time. It was built to replace the old, much shorter Foresthill Bridge when the Auburn Dam was a possibility. The bridge was never meant to be that way, and if the canyon below it were to be flooded for the dam as planned, you would only see the metal underside.

It would only be 130 feet higher than the surface of the water. Nobody would jump off of it to commit suicide. While I couldn’t find an exact number for suicides, since 1973 44 people have fallen or jumped. In 2005 a man hung himself from the bridge. In 2007 a couple jumped together, bringing their pet dog with them.

After a 19 year old jumped, his friends & family left a journal on the bridge. Inside were their memorials to him. The journal remained for awhile (is it still there?) and eventually there were two more entries:

“My name is Crissy. I came here to jump today, but now I can’t.”

“Seeing everything people have put here and what they have to say about you makes me think I don’t even know you and you have saved my life.”

There are people who think the bridge is at the center of something called a “temporal nexus” because it appears straight at every angle except from Google Earth, where a strange bend (or shadow? bendy shadow?) can be seen.

What is it about this bridge? I need to go back and walk across.

this is it, man

this is it, man


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